Commercial Heating Services: Commercial Boiler Installation & Maintenance

Heateam engineers specialise in working with commercial businesses, schools and retail development. As commercial heating engineers we repair, maintain and install larger and more complex plumbing systems than domestically trained plumbers.

Commercial boiler installation – Why choose Heateam?

When it comes to commercial heating, you want a company that can offer you a comprehensive service. Our team of engineers are qualified to install, repair and maintain commercial boilers of all makes and models. So whether you need a new boiler installed or an existing one repaired, Heateam can help

Commercial heating repairs & maintenance

A poorly maintained commercial gas boiler can be both dangerous and inconvenient for customers and staff. Our local Gas Safe-licensed engineers offer annual maintenance to ensure that yours is properly maintained. You don’t even have to have a Heateam service plan to benefit from this service.

Commercial boiler servicing

A commercial boiler is a large and complex piece of equipment, and it’s important to have it serviced regularly by a qualified engineer in order to keep it running safely and at optimum efficiency.

Heateam provide a variety of maintenance and repair services for your commercial boiler. From one-time commercial boiler repairs to regular service plan agreements. Previous commercial clients include Yorkshire Water, Biz Space, DVLA and Northern Gas Networks.

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How regular boiler maintenance can save you money

Regular boiler maintenance saves you money by keeping your boiler in good working order, limiting potential repairs and breakdowns. This regular service will help to ensure that you are able to use your heating system during the cold weather months when it is most needed.

Why does a boiler need regular maintenance?

A boiler requires regular service and maintenance to ensure that it is in good working order. A boiler will undergo a lot of stress during its lifetime: it will be constantly heating water and maintaining rooms at different temperatures, all with the risk of pressure and temperature fluctuations. All this takes its toll on a boiler; gradually wearing away seals and gaskets over time.

Increase the life of the central heating boiler

As well as helping to avoid potentially expensive future repairs, regular maintenance may also increase the boiler lifespan. A properly maintained boiler will require less work during its lifetime and so last longer.

How often should a boiler be serviced?

The frequency of service varies depending on the type of system you have, but we recommend servicing your boiler every year.

Which parts of the system need to be serviced?

The major components that should be inspected and serviced regularly include:

  • Water pan and gauze filters – these need cleaning regularly to prevent limescale build up which can damage the boiler
  • Pressure gauge – this should be checked regularly for signs of wear or corrosion which could lead to the boiler’s safety features being triggered
  • Boiler pump – if fitted, check that it is working correctly each time you are serviced
  • Gas flame sensors – remove grills and inspect for signs of contamination, corrosion or damage
  • Combustion chamber – look out for any signs of fuel leakage which could lead to a fire risk

A well-maintained boiler is more efficient

With the recent rise in energy cost, having an efficient heating system is more important now than ever before. Unfortunately, a poorly maintained boiler can be less efficient leading to unnecessary costs (see our 5 tips to save money on your energy bill).

Boiler maintenance keeps it clean and ready for use.

A dirty or neglected boiler is not only inefficient but could also pose a serious safety risk. Build up of dirt, debris and bacteria in your system can cause blockages leading to poor water flow through the central heating system. This could be the cause of a number of issues, such as low water pressure or no hot water. Impaired water flow can also increase your energy bill as the system has to work harder to heat your home, leading to greater fuel costs.

Reduce the chance of reactive maintenance

One main reason for reactive maintenance is the poor servicing of a boiler. If you choose to service your appliance by yourself, make sure that you are following the manufacturer’s instructions. Many people forget about annual servicing which can reduce the life expectancy of their boiler. They start to notice problems when it is too late and they have to pay for emergency boiler repairs.

If you are having boiler servicing with us, we will look at your whole heating system, not just your boiler. By looking at the gas pressure throughout the system, something that is notoriously difficult to test by yourself, we can help to avoid reactive maintenance in the future.

Boiler maintenance is an annual cost that pays for itself by helping to avoid breakdowns and costly emergency repairs. If you would like more information on the benefits of regular boiler servicing or any other parts of your heating system, contact Heateam today or signup online for our monthly heating service plan.